About "Amongst Us"


Amongst Us is a slice of life comic about Veloce and Blackbird. It updates in webtoons format, one "episode" at a time, sometimes long, sometimes short. Updates are sporatic as it is a side thing that I wanted to do for fun :D

The title is just a play on the acronym of Alternate Universe, since this is an alternate universe setting of the two main characters of my main story, Carciphona. The original is a long series in fantasy setting, where Veloce is a sorceress, and Blackbird is an assassin. I started this alternate universe setting hoping to have some fun drawing comics about the characters that I’ve grown attached to (and started shipping) over such a long time, without the obligation of maintaining the old serious plot and canon restrictions. I’ve told myself to not do this for many years as all my attention should be directed towards Carciphona until it’s done but HEY who knows when/if I’ll ever finish CP before I die at this point so :D

Update schedule: whenever I have time! follow me/join the mailing list/subscribe to the RSS to be notified (:
Genre: Slice of life, comedy, GL/romance?
Assisstants: Lineart: LycanHeiress | Flat-colourist: Miyukiko

About me

My name is Shilin, and I am the sole creator of Carciphona and Amongst Us. I am self taught in art with a B. Mus degree in performance (piano), and I work full time as an artist making a living mostly from books and other works related to Carciphona, punctuated occasionally by work for very few companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Veloce and blackbird's genders??

Both girls

Q How long have you been drawing?

I've been doodling since before grade 1 around 1994 for fun. I started drawing anime fanart with pencils and stuff on paper grade 4 or 5, and started drawing digitally after I got a tablet at the end of 2000 or 2001!

Q Do you plan on printing Amongst Us into book form?

If I accumulate enough material, and there is a direction in the story, I most likely will try! The first printed book is finally up in my store! https://shop.shilin.net

Q What do you use to draw the comics?

I use a Cintiq 21UX tablet, Photoshop for drawing, and SketchUp for modeling backgrounds.

Q Have you studied art?

No, I am self-taught.